Washington flute Circle (WFC) is an organization of Native American Flute enthusiasts. Our members include Native Flute players, performers, flute builders, teachers, mentors and some who just love to listen to the sound of this unique instrument.

WFC provides support for Flute Circles, arranges workshops and gets involved with community outreach programs. Our biggest event of the year is Flute Quest, a festival celebrating the Native American Flute. Flute Quest brings together vendors, performers and instructors in a vibrant, exciting atmosphere. WFC relies on the generosity of our members, sponsors and donors to help fund this event.

Everyone is welcome at any of our events. We have members of all ages, skill levels and ethnic backgrounds. Our circles encompass all levels of playing skills from the beginner through the more advanced and offer encouragement, fellowship,and shared knowledge in a fun environment. A music background is not necessary nor do you have to already know how to play the Native American Flute to join our Flute Circles. If you have an interest in the spirit and song of the Native American Flute, then come join us! You are invited to explore this website. Read, listen and learn about the heritage and culture of the Native American Flute.

Got a new flute, and want to join a Flute Circle? Check out our local Flute Circles to find one near you.